My Vegetarian Story: Why & How

So yeah, I'm a vegetarian. It's been about five or six months since I last ate meat. And boy, I feel so good! To be hon...

I'm a Vegetarian: My Vegetarian Journey

So yeah, I'm a vegetarian.

It's been about five or six months since I last ate meat. And boy, I feel so good! To be honest, it was one of my best decision I've made in my life.

Maybe it might sound to you like a big cliché but it is a genuine truth. I promise.

Actually, each of us should try what it's like to be a vegetarian (or vegan) at least once in life. But truth be told, it's not always a bed of roses.

Today I would like to share with you my story of becoming a non-meat eater aka a vegetarian.

Why I became a vegetarian

Most people I met, and they found out I'm a non-meat eater, always asked me some really interesting questions like "why did I ruin my life?", "why would you do such a horrible thing?" or "Is there something wrong with you?".

Although some of these questions were very impressive, it made me think about that "why".

You know, in my opinion, there are two main reasons why people become vegetarians (or vegans):
A. the ecological reason (about this one in another post, I promise).
B. the ethical reason – people realise it's actually not OK that someone dies to have a piece of meat on the plate.

My "why" is the reason B (mostly).

I don't remember the exact day when I stopped eating meat. But I realised my first "why" when I watched a speech called "The Best Speech You Will Ever Hear" by Gary Yourofsky. I didn't watch it till the end but I knew there is something I can and I have to do.

"If you can't stop thinking about it, don't stop working for it."

My other "why" formed when I went to college. New surroundings, new people and new points of view. Suddenly I found out that not everything my teachers taught me is the only truth and that every coin has two sides.

I met a lot of people who stopped eating meat (or all animal products) and fell good and live a good life.

And so I decided to do my homework on "how to become a vegetarian". Which brings me to another point...

This is my story of becoming a non-meat eater aka vegetarian. It was one of my best decision. But truth be told, it's not always a bed of roses.

How I became a vegetarian

The thing is that I tried to stop eating meat several times before. But mostly it just didn't work. My will was weak and my knowledge was not enough.

This is also the reason why I tell everyone who wants to stop eating meat to do your research. It's nice that you want to help animals and our nature but you have to put yourself first. Make sure it will not hurt you in any way!

I knew that if I give myself some back door (like "eating meat only on Friday"), I'll never stop doing this.

So one day, after I found everything I need, I stopped eating meat. Just like that. It was that simple.

I was very surprised how easy it can be. However, everything was at the beginning. There were/are ups and downs.

The biggest challenge for me was to say it to my family and others. My family took it well yet there are still some unspoken things in the air about how "bad" and "unhealthy" it is. And I don't blame them but the truth is they have to understand.

After all, everything is about respecting each other.

I feel my life has changed

It changed for the better.

Since I became a vegetarian, I'm more aware of things around me. I mean, it's not just about not eating meat.

My mind is more open now.

I feel good.

So yeah, that's practically everything. Nothing revolutionary, huh? But you know what, I believe inside you I awaken a small spark of curiosity. Because you know what they say: the change starts with you. Even a little one. Be open to new things and you will see.

Now, it's your turn. Please, don't hesitate to share your ups and downs or tips. We can grow together!

What is your non-meat eater story?

I'm a Vegetarian: My Vegetarian Story

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