4 Lessons Vegetarianism Taught Me

I don’t want to look like a big weepy baby, but let’s be honest here: being a vegetarian is damn hard. No, it’s not hard. It’s exhau...

4 Lessons Vegetarianism Taught Me

I don’t want to look like a big weepy baby, but let’s be honest here: being a vegetarian is damn hard.

No, it’s not hard. It’s exhausting. But you know what? It’s worth it every bloody day.

When I was writing this very first vegetarian post about how and why I became a vegetarian, I actually realised how important it was to write this post. For you. But mostly for me.


For one simple reason.

Do you know this tiny annoying and tiresome voice in your head that always tries holding you back and telling you that it’s not worth it? Yeah?

This voice is in my head ever since I stopped eating meat. And so I’m glad for these little reminders which help me to get back on track.

Don't look back – you're not going this way!

But today is the day I would like to share lessons I learned from living a vegetarian life. These are not all of them but I found these important for sharing.

Here are lessons vegetarianism taught me so far.

#1 my body is my sanctuary

If being a vegetarian taught me something very important, then it’s definitely having a better relationship with my body aka I’m what I eat.

Before I became a vegetarian, I used to think my body is just a box for my organs and the food. Oh boy, how wrong I was.

Vegetarianism is mostly about not eating meat and loving animals, of course! But for me (and maybe for you too), it is not just about that. It’s also about changing my mindset. About my body and how I treat it.

Being a vegetarian and don’t care about your body is like being on a diet, eating healthy food and think it’s enough to lose some weight – and you know, it will never work.

#2 creativity matters

When I started my meatless life, my biggest concerns were what the hell I’m going to cook every day. Actually, at the beginning, it was quite easy. Until I started realising I run out of ideas.

On one hand, you have so many options. On the other hand, creativity is all that matters. I can’t even say, how much time I spent by reading these vegetarians food blogs and watching delicious videos.

Which brings me to another thing. Cooking. Let’s say, I’ve never been a kitchen type of person. Boy, I didn’t even know how to cook potatoes (yeah, it was that bad). However, I’m not saying I’m a MasterChef, but if vegetarianism showed me something, then love for cooking.

#3 not everybody will understand

Each of us – you and me – has this incessant need to try to impose our opinion on others. And it’s completely fine until you don’t think your opinion is messianic and the most correct.

When I tell someone I don’t eat meat and they ask why I tell them. But then there are two types of people: a) ‘okay’ people and b) ‘well, I think it’s bad and blah blah blah’ people. The first type either understand or don’t care. The second one just start talking and they talk and talk and tell me how wrong this is and they just don’t (want to) understand.

And I sit there like ‘oh okay’ because I don’t care anymore. Don’t get me wrong – I love talking about this stuff – but it’s not comfortable when someone tries to force you that they are right.

So I guess the only option is to accept the fact, that people will not understand. Or they just don’t want to?

...and the most important…

#4 don't apologize or justify yourself

Becoming a vegetarian was and is my choice of living. No one forced me to do that. I know my reasons and I believe these are very good reasons.

If someone cares, I’m more then happy to tell them. But I will never ever apologize for what I chose or who I am. This is something no one should do. It’s all about tolerance, you know.

At the end, I would like to thank you for very nice comments on my post about my vegetarian story. It really means to me.

Now, what is your lesson vegetarianism/veganism taught you?

4 Lessons Vegetarianism Taught Me

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