Topics We Should Be More Aware of in 2018

…what it you simply devoted this year to loving yourself more? It is the beginning of the year and it is a good time to slow down a...

Topics We Should Be More Of in 2018

…what it you simply devoted this year to loving yourself more?

It is the beginning of the year and it is a good time to slow down a little bit. Maybe use this little time to reflect on 2017 and think about 2018.

Since I don't like the word 'resolution'  (because I have weird vibes about it), I told to myself to rather focus on specific topics that might be crucial in 2018.

For me, this year was one of the most awakening years. 2017 was about intellectual transformation and exploring my boundaries. At the first sight, 2017 was nothing interesting and yet it was full of special moments: I became a vegetarian, I took a big step forward by getting out of my comfort zone and slowly started to take care of our planet.

According to some predictions, 2018 should be the year of the truth and the unconscious. I also feel like this year is meant to be a year of changes either intellectual and spiritual.

And these are topics I believe we should discuss and be more aware of in 2018.

Global warming

You know, I live in a country where it snows when it's winter. But unfortunately, last few years there was no snow and temperatures were unusually high. Yes, I believe this happens because of the global warming.

Fact: There is about 97 % of scientists who agree that warming trends over the past century are caused by human activity. 

Which is not exactly a low number.

So now, please, I appeal to you for not being afraid of talking about global warming – recycle or instead of riding the tram for 2 minutes, go on foot. Don't be like you don't care about the planet Earth.


Last year was a year I became a vegetarian. And I'm not here to force you to do the same. What I want you to realize is how big influence it would have on our planet if you stopped eating meat or at least reduce it to the minimum.

According to statistics from IME, to produce one kilo of beef we need around 15,000 litres of water while one kilo of potatoes takes (only) 287 litres of water. (source)

I believe if you're well prepared there is nothing you can lose by reducing the amount of meat in your menu. Actually, you can only take – healthy life means a happy life, right?


When someone starts talking about politics, people are like 'why are you doing this to us?' or 'what have we done to you that you have to punish us this way?!'

Like I know politics can be boring and most of us see it as a bad, unpredictable and dirty word. However, it's good to realize that we chose this by making decisions, like going or not going to vote or participating in creating a public opinion about politics.

If you are not happy with the current situation, change it – go vote (and not stay home), share interesting articles about politics or support people you think have good intentions.

Mental health

Fact: A mental illness is a real thing.
Another fact: We need to take care of our mental health.

I guess you and I have our own problems that we have to deal with. You, me and him – we are all individuals and we all react to the same situation in different ways.

In 2018, we should stop pretending there is not something like a mental illness – because there is. And we need to learn how to better understand people with mental illness. Without judgement and with an open mind.


I'm a woman and I believe in my rights. And I want you to believe in them too.

2018 is a year of changes and I can't wait.

Let this year be a year of open minds and also open eyes. Wish you the best!

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